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Michelle McCawley

Based in and around Lehigh Valley, PA


Michelle has a deep passion for capturing the essence of the world around her through photography. As a creative individual, her eye for detail and composition are unique, revealing the beauty and intrigue of everything around her.


From stunning landscapes and architecture to portraits, each photograph depicts a fascinating blend of art and emotion, showcasing Michelle’s ability to find and capture the magic in any given moment.


As a photographer for over five years, she has the innate ability to place her subjects at ease, resulting in an authentic and beautiful final product that captivates audiences with an artistic flair.


Over the years, Michelle has honed her craft with technical elegance, unveiling a visual repertoire that boasts a variety of genres including promotional, editorial, portrait and travel photography. When all the elements come together, Michelle’s portfolio is a testament to her commitment to capture the world around us, forever documented in stunning portraits, candid shots, and captivating landscapes. She is proud to share her photos as an invitation to journey through the lens to find the mystery, beauty, and wonder that surrounds us all.

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